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35th Photo Tech News Letter, December 1947

In 1947, former 35th Photo Tech member Robert Bertini of Wallingford, CT, sent postcards to each of the 150 former members of the 35th, asking for information on what they had been doing since leaving the unit. His intention was to publish a newsletter (at his own expense). While he received only 26 replies, he decided to put down the information he had been given and send the newsletter to each of the former members.

There is a great deal of information presented here. Many of the 26 reported contact with other members of the 35th.

Does anyone know if any other issues of the newsletter were ever published? If you know of other issues, please contact dhines@bluefrognet.net.




First of all I want to say that for months I have been wondering just what has happened to all of the fellows of the good old 35th Photo, so I got the idea of forming this little news letter and sending it out to all the old gang. I had good intentions of getting this letter out this summer but found that I was unable to. I am sorry that it hasn't reached you before this, but now that you have it I hope you will enjoy reading the news about the 35th Photo, two years after---

I was a little disappointed in the responses I got from the cards I sent out, I sent about 150 cards and received only 26 answers to them. Perhaps you all thought that this might be the old sucker game and it was going to cost you money, well it isn't, have no fears. I thought you all might be interested in just what the other fellow was doing with himself. Even though I only received the twenty-six letters I am going to send this letter out to everyone that was in the 35th.

I have tried to give you all the new addresses that the fellows used, I hope they are all correct. I also hope that through this letter you might find that you have some old buddy from the 35th nearer to you than you thought.

When I got out of the army, I like the rest of you wanted a short if not a long vacation, so I took a month or so and then I returned to college at Washington and Lee Univ. in Lexington, Virginia, where I was enrolled before the war. I stayed at W & L till June of 1947 when I came home and spent the summer with my family at Madison, Connecticut. It was while I was at Madison that I got this brain storm of putting out this newsletter. I am now finished with my education and am now working with the International Silver Company of Meriden, Connecticut on a sales training program. I have been working since the first of September but have no idea when I will go out onto the road. I assure you all that if I get near anyone of you I will be sure to drop in and say hello. Oh yes I am still single and have no intentions as yet.

I stopped in and saw Berney this past Spring in Washington D.C. We had a grand time talking over all the old times of the 35th. Both he and his wife looked fine, and Berney says he has heard from Pappy Hitch quite a bit. Some of you might have seen him for he and his wife were planning trip when I was with them.

By the way fellows all of those you that were at Bradley Field will be interested in knowing that it is now a municipal airport. It is officially the Hartford Airport now and you wouldn't know the place. I was up there just recently and it has really changed and from what I understand it will change a great deal more in the future. Also those of you that were at Bradley Field will be interested in knowing that the "Round Table" alais "The Passion Pit" hasn't changed a bit. I was up there a few weeks ago and it is really the same, with the rising cost of living it might take two beers now instead of one however.

I want to thank you that wrote in answer to my cards for letters. And to the netire 35th I want to wish a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

Robert H. Bertini
177 South Main Street
Wallingford, Connecticut


Charles P. Berney, 2327 15th Street, N.W. Washington D.C.

Berney's letter told about a trip that he and his wife were going to take into Canada this past summer. I don't know if he made this trip or not but I know that he had planned to stop in and see everyone he could along the way. Berney said that he took a vacation for about a month or so then went back to his old job at the Potomac Electric Company. He left this position after about two months and went to work for the War Department as a Graphic Designer under the office of Chief of Staff. I saw Berney last Spring and he was happily ordering big wheels around. Berney has seen some of the officers of the 6th Photo and thought that some of you might be interested in news about them. He has seen Col. Shephred also Capt. Griffith who is a public relations photographer. He met Co. Smith, who was in Orlando with some of you fellows and asked to be remembered to you all. When Berney say him, he was awaiting orders to ship to Europe as an Intellegengce Officer. Col Smith told Berney that Capt. Shutak is a professor at Rhode Island University. Berney has issued an invitation to visitors of the nation's capitol to call him when getting in town, his number is in the phone book.


John Novak, 515 Madison Avenue, New York 22, New York.
Television Station WABD

John is Assistant Manager of the Motion Picture Film at Television Station WABD. I appreciated the way John opened his letter. He said that my card finally caught up with him and he was pleased to see that it was just someone wanting to know how in the hell he was and not seeking something. John got his discharge then kept a promise to himself he made on the island of Guam, he did nothing for one whole year. He made two trips to Denver and Colorado Springs. He spent about two months in Texas, (Texas boys please note he doesn't know why he stayed there so long) John has a desk at the television studios at John Wanamakers 9th and Broadway. John has asked me to say that any of the fellows that are in New York to drop in and see him. He also adds that anyone interested in television to get in touch with him. Oh yes he also adds that he spent a weekend with Ray Fornari at his home on Long Island.


Norman A. Liably, 175 W. Jackson Blvd. Chicago, Illinois.

Norm is now the Superintendent of the Compensation and Liability Department of the United National Indemnity Company. This has been a change of jobs for him. Norm says that George Eberlen became a father. Chuck Prince is married and Ollie Frederickson is married. Norm lists his present address as 4725 Berenice Avenue, Chicago 41, Illinois.


Harold R. Hitch, Hotel Nelson, Rockford, Illinois, Room 529.

Pappy has completed one year at the University of Illinois. He attended the branch school of the University at Rockford. This past summer he was back tending bar which says pays more than a respectable job. Says that he and Berney have heard from Jack Nisberg about a year ago, at that time Jack's address was Dutch Hollow Mink Farm, Berniss Point, NY. He and Bates (41st P.R.) were working together. Pappy is still trying to blame the mistakes of the Democrats on the Republicans. Says it looks like another Democratic year in '48, we'll see.


William E. Cross, 12 Riverside Drive, Augusta, Maine.

Bill is attending Babson Institute in Mass. He finished up his course this past September. The day Bill got home he was best man at his brother's wedding. He then took a week or so vacation and then went back to work at the Central Maine Power Company where he was employed before the war. He worked about a year and then entered school. Bill got a letter form Gary Prible who is in Hawaii working with the Navy Department. Dick Leclair is still in Lewiston, Maine working in a jewerly store. I can confirm that because one of the salesmen for the International Silver Company met him one day and Dick said hello to me through him. Bill says that he would like to work in Denver when he finishes school but as yet has no definite plans.


Robert M. Sandmeyer, 225 East Cedar Street, Burbank, Calif.

Sandy's letter took me right back to Guam, for the first thing I saw was one of his famous cartoons. I wish that you could all see it, it shows a man who is supposed to be Sandy smoking one of his famous pipes, this man is looking at his waist line and Sandy has written on it, "Getting Disgustingly Fat". I think most of the fellows wanted to hear from Sandy more than anyone else cause at the time of our parting from the island it looked like Sandy would be on Guam till hell freezes over, but he finally made it back to the states. Sandy got back to the states in the middle of May 1946. He may have had to stay a little longer than the rest of us but he did get to stay and have the honor of becoming a staff sergeant and he even flew home. Can you imagine the rookie of the outfit becoming the wheel. When Sandy left there were only about a dozen enlisted men left. Al Hamblen and Fred England were the only ones we would know. Sandy was in his glory for when he spent those last few weeks on the island, fellows were coming out thee that were the only ones that could be called rookies, not Sandy for he had been in the Pacific as long as they had been in the army. Sandy put in 18 months on the island, by the middle of Feb. 1946 most of the fellows had left and even old Mort New had left by March. Sandy said that around the squadron area in the trash piles could be signs that read "Passion Pit", "Chez Paree"; etc. The lab was the only building in operation, the presses were being taken down when Sandy left. The P.I. buildings were in use by others or locked up. Saturday's meant parades and inspections, corporals pulled KP, Hell it sounds like the army. Sandy says that last but not least the PX was closed for inventory. Thanks a lot Sandy for the picture of the paradise of the Pacific.


James R. Jennings, 807 West Foresthill Avenue, Peoria, Ill.

Jimmy has spent the past year at the University of Texas Law School in Austin, Texas. He was in the construction business for awhile and in one of his attempts to get steel he met George Kutz in Chicago, much at home behind a big desk, of the Joshlyn Manufacturing Company. Jimmy plans to keep himself busy by building himself a home in the country.


Bob W. Barnes, 700 S. 700 S. 17th Street, Boise, Idaho.

Bob has been changing jobs since getting out of the service trying to find one that would suit him. He thinks he has found one now. He at first went back to work at the Swift and Company, where he worked before going into the army. He then went to work at the Pacific Fruit Company. Now he is working with a construction company and has worked for them about a year. Bob is looking for a home for his family. He has heard from John Santa, it seems that Santa has plans to work for an air lines company.


Donald A. Meyers, Box 1081, Elko, Nevada.

Meyers was released from the army at the Pentagon building in Washington DC on May 16th, 1946. He attended the summer session at the University of Utah. He went to Stamford University last fall, where he is working towards his masters degree in Geology. Cal Schimd has chosen to remain in the army and as of last summer was in Japan with the 6th Photo Tech sqdn.


Allan Pearl, c/o P. Shulman, 1764 Walton Avenue, Bronx 53, NY

Abe, says that Rand came through the East in July of this past summer and he stopped over and saw Abe. Rand apparently is visiting relations in Canada. Abe also tells of the surprise visit he got from New just before he wrote his letter. Rand and New are both still single. Abe is now among the ranks of the married men and says there is no life like it. He sent me a picture taken on his wedding day and I wish I could reproduce it for they really look swell. Abe is employed by one of the largest Photographic retail stores in New York. He is also doing some free lance photography, specializing in weddings and baby shots.


John Duve, C.&D Studios, R.D. No. 3, Coraopolis, Penn

Honest John Duve, they called him those days and he is still trying to get along on the same name. John was married on the 13th of December, 1945. On the 28th of February, 1947 John and his wife were blessed with a baby girl, named Betty Jane. Honest Betty Jane that is. John says that Joe Latino stopped in to see him last Spring on his way to Chicago and also Art Herling was down to see John for a day. Art was married on the 20th of August. Honest John made the pictures of the wedding. Honest John says that he had plans to visit New York this fall and had hopes of seeing some of the fellows. He also says that Joe Dassinger is working as a pressman in Chicago and is also helping Zaiger in his corner of the ring. A post scrip to Honest John's letter said that Joe Latino is also married. He also adds this: "Tell all the gang that my door is never locked, and they are slways welcome. Incidentally, if you or any of the other fellows are looking for me, I live on Glenvillard Road, near Glenillard, Penn. about 14 miles north of Pittsburgh." By the way this address listed above is John's own studio and he has about eight men working for him.


Robert Palmer, 913 Beverly Drive, San Gabriel, California

Bob Claims that he is now in God's country and claims that all smart people go to California. I'll take Connecticut any day. Bob says that he put in one year in Chicago, in the photo studio of the Congress Hotel and then left for the coast. Bob says that he was in California about five minutes when Johnny Redmond called him up and came over to see him. Bob says that Johnny is getting married soon. Bob has seen Larry Dresser and finds him fine. Bob is now working in the Ambassador Hotel as a commercial photographer.


Frank Winters, 908-12 Wood Street, Houston, Texas.

Frank was all for talking about his baby boy that is about a year and a half old now. He'll probably end up a photo man. Frank was transferred from the Memphis division of the Western Auto Supply Company to the Houston division of the same company. Frank has seen Al Hocker a few times and the two of them have spent some long sessions over some cold beer. Frank says that he hasn't seen or heard from Mother Plexico in some time but he is still living in Dallas. Frank is a wholesale representative for the company and is really happy with this job from the sounds of things, (he should show this to his boss).


Charlton Prince, 264 Alexander Street, Rochester 7 N.Y.

Chuck has been kept busy by organizing a radio station, he and a group others have gotten the necessary capital and permission of the Federal Communications System to operate and are now going strong. On June 2nd of this year permission was granted to the Veterans Broadcasting Station to operate a station of 5,000 watts day and night on 1280 kilocycles. The station expected to start operations on the first of October. One of the stockholders is Bill Boswell of the PI section of the 41st PR. Chuck has married Bill's sister and even tho they have a small apartment at the above address you had better write to him at his mother's, 221 Cobbs Hill Drive, Rochester, 10, N.Y. Chuck went back to the Univ. of Rochester to continue his mechanical engineering studies. He has about two more years to go. Chuck saw Chuck (ex Lt.) Marshall awhile back and says that he is fine. Chuck thinks that Marshall was on his way to New York to study at an Art School.


Roy Benenson, 68-64 Yellowstone Blvd, Froest Hills, N.Y.

Roy's letter contained news about the convention that was held in New York and attended by the members of the 35th that live near New York. Roy added Abe Pearl made ll the necessary arrangements. Eleven fellows showed up for the reunion and according to Roy they all had a good time. Right after Roy got out of the army he went into the export business and is now preparing to go into the cleaning business


John W. Shephard, 663 Prentis Street, Detroit, Mich,

Shep is in the Detroit College of Law, a junior. He hopes to be chasing ambulances in a year or so. Shep says that his address is still White Cloud, Mich, but can be reached at this address for about six months or so.


Laurence W. Dresser, 1523 French Street, Santa Ana, Calif.

Larry went to work putting up water coolers towers for a company in Los Angles right after getting out of the army. Larry is traveling all over the state working with his brother, putting up these towers. Larry has also been doing a lot of skiing and he has also seen Redmond and Palmer.


Charles C. Farris, PO Box 503, Mather Field, Calif.

Farris came back to the states and went ot Santa Ana Air Base for quite some time. He was then sent to Randolph Field Texas, from there he took over the Photo Lab at San Angelo, Texas, Goodfellow Field. While he was there an addition to his family arrived in the form of a little girl named Sheila Ann. He is now Chief Warrant Officer at Mather Field, Calif. in charge of a large research and development photo lab. Farris said that CWO Northrup is now in Japan at his own request. Ken Dobbins was in Walla Walla Washington with a recent addition to his family and working a studio hoping to have his own studio and photo shop.


Billy S. Hilbum, First Baptist Church, Meridian, Miss.

Billy had the Photo bug hit him just after he got out of the army and he went in with a partner and bought a photo studio in Meridian. He did commercial and portrait photography. But Billy found that his heart was in religious work and that he couldn't do both the photo work and music so he sold out the photography studio. He is now in full time work at the Baptist Church in Merridian. Billy has a coral group and has been doing a bit of radio broadcasting plus several special concerts. He says that he is also teaching voice and vocal directing. On top of all this Billy is in charge of all the church recreational work. Billy's boy is now three years old.


Edward J. Betlinski, 7737 Eastlake Terrace, Chicago 26, Ill.

Betlinski is working for the Eastman Kodak Company in chage of the Chicago area as a color technical representative. He stayed in the officer's reserve corps so every year he has to return to army life for two weeks. He has issued an invitation to any of the boys who are in Chicago to drop in and say hello.


Don B. Southern, 516 Lytle Street, Chattanoga, Tenn.

Don didn't have too much news about himself, says that Van Cleve is now living in Nashville, Tenn. Don feels that there is no place like home, we agree.


Ernie Cannler, La Quinta Desert Club, Indio, Calif.

Ernie has been on the desert since his discharge and has extended an invitation to all the 35th to stop over and see him. He says he has plenty of room and a pool to cool off in. He is on highway 99 to California. He expects to be away in January tho for he plans to go to Switzerland for the winter Olympics in '48. Ernie has done some deep sea fishing and says that after his first trip really loved it. Have a good time in Switzerland, Bernie.


John W. Tyrol, 403 Concord Street, El Segundo, Calif.

Johnny spent awhile bumming around his home town of Concordoad then packed his bags and headed for Philadelphia to see that girl he thought about all those months he spent on GUAM. After being there only three months he found that he had asked her to marry him and he was an engaged man. He then returned to the sunshine state (so they tell me) of California to take a job in the engineering department of the Standard Oil Company. Later his fiancée went to California and the Saturday after Christmas they were married. Johnny you asked if I was still single, well I am and will probably be so for some time.


Louis Mitzmacher, 482 Grand Street, New York, New York

Louis got out of the army and hung around for a few months before he got his first job. He was looking for some photo work but was unable to find any. He managed to so some free lance work. He has since had jobs in various parts of New York doing different kinds of photo work, darkroom work and color photography included. He then went to the school of Modern Photography from August 1946 to January 1947. While in school he studied portraiture, commercial and color photography. When Louis wrote this letter he had an application in civil service as a photographer. Hope you made it ok, Louis. He wanted me to give everyone his best.

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