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20th patch

Photos of Guam

Captions for each photo were copied from notes attached to each picture. Click on any image to enlarge to full size.

December, 1945
View of the Coconut Bowl theater where all manner of stars and garters are on display.

December, 1945, 20th AF HQ Area
1600 car Company mess hall where 35th P T U enlisted men eat their chow.

January, 1946, 20th AF HQ Area
Officer's mess hall, formerly used by the USASTAF officers.

December, 1945
Home sweet home to many a gent after a jolly evening on the rock.

January, 1946, 20th A F Headquarters
Operations building of the 35th PTU for map making, color photography, printing and publishing

Entrance to USASTAF from Route 1. Wonder if "Tooey" Spaatz would like this?

December, 1945, 20th AF HQ Area
Quarters for the enlisted men of the 35th PTU.

January, 1945, 20th AF HQ Area
Dining room entrance of the officer's club.

December, 1945
The old faithful military jolopy.

January, 1946, 20th AF HQ
Looking east on general ave from in front of the 35th PTU Compilation building.

January, 1946, 20th AF HQ Area
Old glory flying high above the former USASTAF headquarters

January, 1946, 20th AF HQ Area
Quonset hut officers quarters that were formerly occupied by USASTAF officers

January, 1946, 20th AF HQ Area
Typical generals quarters along the bluff in the old USASTAF area.

December, 1945, 20th AF HQ Area
'Sad-sack' Blackie who gets spring fever at least twice each year

December, 1945
Chow hound special at the 20th Air Force Headquarters

December, 1945
20th AF HQ Area
Power plant near the A-2 section of the command

January, 1946, 20th AF HQ Area
There should be plenty of palms in the area this Easter

January, 1946, 20th AF HQ Area
Enlisted mens area. Note the bananas growing on the vine beside one of the tents

Another good place to find photos of Guam from World War II is Helen Penich Butalla's site dedicated to her Uncle Herman E. Farrier.

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